Helpful Resources:

• Wichita County Housing Assessment 2022 - Final

• The Leoti, Kansas magazine all in one local guide to the community of Wichita County. It contains information about local recreation, businesses, and attractions.

Employment & Recruitment
ROZ - (Rural Opportunities Zone)
Wichita County is a designated rural opportunity zone meaning that new full-time residents may be eligible for following financial incentives: Student Loan Repayment Assistance and/or 100% State Income Tax Credit. Click the link listed below for further information.

KansasWorks is an online job-matching and labor market information system. Use this tool to find job opportunities inside of Kansas.

Western Kansas Jobs
This is an online tool which provides a listing of job opportunities in Western Kansas. Click the link below to explore job availability in Western Kansas.

Western Kansas Jobs - Publish a Job Opportunity
The link below will direct you to information on how to publish a job opportunity on Western Kansas Jobs. If you have an availability at your business, this is an excellent way to find qualified candidates.

Kansas WorkforceONE
Provides both employees and employers with important information pertaining to the workforce. This includes official forms and documents, as well as recruitment services for employers. For employees there is access to information about training services and workers rights. Explore the link below for more information.

Business Resources
NetWork Kansas
NetWork Kansas’ provides a central portal that connects entrepreneurs and small business owners with the right resources– expertise, education and economic resources. Explore the link below for access to classes and information about available capital.

Wichita County Neighborhood Revitalization Plan
This plan is intended to promote the revitalization and development of Wichita County by stimulating new construction of residential, commercial and agricultural properties, and the rehabilitation, conservation or redevelopment of residential, commercial and agricultural properties within the area by offering certain incentives, which include tax rebates. Wichita County’s Neighborhood Revitalization Plan is a 5-year, scaled property tax rebate program for improvements over $50,000.
Neighborhood Revitalization Plan
Neighborhood Revitalization Plan Application

StartUp Kansas
StartUp Kansas is a branch of Network Kansas.
NetWork Kansas matching loan programs are designed to support private capital by providing matching funds to assist startups and existing businesses that are expanding. A variety of loan programs are offered based on geography, matching loan amounts, and project needs. Click the link listed below to access this resource.

Community Development Programs
The Kansas Department of Commerce has numerous programs to help boost the livelihood of our local communities. Follow the link below to explore the options listed and learn more.

Community Development Block Grant
The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program provides funding for projects that help low- to moderate-income neighborhoods thrive. Projects range from sidewalks to community centers, youth job training programs, and much more.